Omara Strategy Group

Atima is the President & Founder of Omara Strategy Group, LLC –a DC based metro area consulting firm which provides strategic guidance to progressive electoral candidates, campaigns, and organizations. We focus our services on women, people of color, & LGBTQ candidates and organizations in need of political programming and capacity building services to organizations that center women, LGBTQ, and/or communities of color in their mission

Through fundraising, candidate services,  capacity building, training/facilitation, program development, and political programming and organizing, we support organizations and candidates dedicated to achieving a fully representative democracy that has women, people of color, LGBTQ Americans and other underrepresented groups in public office and at the forefront of movement organizations.

At Omara Strategy Group, elections impact the lives of everyday Americans and organizations can powerfully impact communities. Real progressive change requires diversity of thought and leadership and to gain results we must often challenge the status quo. We also believe that progressive social change is not solely achieved through electoral politics or solely through activism but combining the two to achieve critical mass in a fully representative democracy.

We help you start up a campaign or fundraise or strategize a program for your organization. We help you understand what is working in your campaign or organization, what isn’t, using research and experience as former candidate, campaign staff, and organization leader. We use our network to get you what you need, to get the work done.

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