On Hollywood’s Lack of Progress With Women Writers & Directors

Over at Women & Hollywood, Inkoo Kang writers about the new study that came out from Celluloid Ceiling Report which is the most prominent studies on women in the film industry. The results: the progress women in Hollywood behind the camera is making is actually falling behind.

“men directed 93% of the top 250 grossing films of 2014. Female filmmakers made 7% of those films. That’s up one percentage point from last year, but 2 points down from 1998. That means women directors have lost ground in the last 17 years”

As Kang writes “There was no Bigelow effect”. The effect is named for the Kathryn Bigelow, the only female director to receive an Academy Award for Best Director to date.  Also it is noted, women writers, producers and editors don’t fare any better in this report, the percentages are down for them as well. The number of Hollywood executive producers who are women has increased.

With the announcement of the 2015 Academy Awards nominations this morning and the shock that a) this is the first time in 20 years all actor nominees are white and b) no women were nominated for best director (especially when ‘Selma’ was nominated for Best Picture but its director Ava DuVernay’s was not) c) no women were nominated for writing an Original Screenplay or Adapted Screenplay (like author Gillian Flynn who wrote her book’s screenplay for ‘Gone Girl’), this report is rather sobering.

There is a lot more work to be done before women will to be true power players and decision makers in the film industry.