Atima Omara brings her experiences as a campaign operative, union organizer, non-profit executive, Democratic Party leader, and advocate to writing and speaking on the intersection of race and gender with politics, policy, and popular culture. Atima has traveled across the US and to Canada to speak on Democratic politics, the Millennial vote, Black civic engagement and women’s rights. Atima has also appeared a number of times as a political commentator on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News Channel (FNC) and Fox Business (FBN) PBS’ To The Contrary, CSPAN, Sky News & BBC, NPR, & Sirius XM

Below are some recent sample media clips. You can check out more media clips here.

Articles Authored

FEMINISM (Reproductive Health Care & Justice)

Abortion Access Is An Economic Justice  Issue, And Democrats Should Remember That, Rewire, April 2017
As Hyde Amendment Turns 40, Poll Show Support For Its Repeal, American Prospect, September 2016
SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Benefits Women of Color, Low Income Women, American Prospect, June 2016
Punishing Women for Abortion, American Prospect,  June 2016
On the Anniversary of Roe v Wade: A Right Under Threat, American Prospect, January 2016
The High Cost of Reproductive Coercion, American Prospect, November 2015
The Pope's Blind Spot: When  Income Inequality & Abortion Intersect, American Prospect, September 2015
Actually, Reproductive Health Care About the Economy, Talking Points Memo, November 3, 2014
Black Women Need To Be Heard on Health Issues, Women's Enews September 6, 2012
 Dear Women of Means, Support Abortion Funds Today, Women's Enews, May 13, 2013
Ann Romney: Contraception IS About the Economy, Women's Enews, Oct 2, 2012
Thin Veil of Morality & Freedom Obstructing Women’s Health, RH Reality Check, August 16, 2012
40 years after Roe: NARAL Redefines the Future, Fem2pt0 Blog, March 2, 2013
Roe at 40: Reproductive Justice for Black Women, Ms. Magazine's Blog February 22, 2013